Favorite biome and least favorite biome?

I personally prefer the desert, because there’s pretty much everything there. You’ve got villages, temples, above ground dungeons. It’s awesome. I don’t like jungles. Way too annoying to navigate through.

How about you?

March 28, 2013
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  1. the56kmodem answered: i Love forest Biomes, the generaly more flat ones as well. SCREW JUNGLES AND SNOW BIOMES.
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  3. xuoreg-llehctim answered: i like jungles and deserts
  4. purple-smurf1 answered: Mushroom Biomes are pretty sweet, however I prefer them strictly as places to chill. I think Extreme Hills are my favorite
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    My favorites are the taiga (snowy mountain forests are the best), extreme hills (really cool surreal landscapes) and...
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  8. cars-n-coasters answered: My Favorite is the snow Forest, it’s like forest, except prettier. I hate the plains, it’s too hard to build in them.
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    i like extreme hills biomes
  10. dreamfluxx answered: My personal favorite is the swamp biome. It’s so pretty and unusual. Least favorite is villages. I get bored quickly.
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  12. savvysavsav answered: Least favorite: Jungles
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